A Relaxed Tasmania Wedding of Febi & Luke

Luke and Febi are a very modern couple. They lived in Brisbane for long before made decision to move to beautiful and peaceful Tasmania. Luke mentioned, they love the less crowded atmosphere of Hobart and the temperature is more friendly compared to the relatively warm and humid Brisbane. They thought the wedding had to be celebrated in Tasmania as the moving marks their new life.

Located on the tranquil shores of North West Bay Tasmania, Villa howden looks like a castle you want to live in. It’s peaceful, the view is serene, and photography wise, the venue adds beauty elements to the photos. It’s why Febi and Luke has selected Villa howden as their wedding venue. Lots of beautiful photo spots in the area, including the interior, the landscape and the beach. Also potential for prewedding photo location in Tasmania.

There are lots of DIY elements in their wedding, adding even more beautiful elements to already spectacular Villa Howden. Febi is very much about the little hidden details. It is what makes a wedding personal and interesting. She included a lot of little details, from wedding arbor with hanging flowers to the personal bonbonnieres. Chair garlands made of olive branches hung from wooden chairs, bloom filled bouquet and the understated styling of the look playing up that natural beauty of the Bohemian concept. Each detail would not have the same impact without the presence of the others. Wanting a dress that would reflect her style and personality, Febi was thrilled with Inca dress by Grace Loves Lace. The dress also represents Bohemian style that Febi’s looking for. Flower crown by Magnolia Flowers.

The wedding went exactly as per rehearsal. Tom Payne, their celebrant is very detail person, he made sure Febi entered the ceremony in a precise timing and made the ceremony goes smooth and perfect. Between ceremony and reception we made sure to do a bridal party photo session. The interior of the reception looks stunning after Magnolia Flowers decorated the bridal table and most of the reception area. The naked wedding cake by Sweet Envy fitted their theme perfectly. There were lots of stories shared by the speakers during the night. Laughters and happiness of friends and the two families, that’s the only things that matter for Febi and Luke. To thank the guests, the close the wedding by performing a dance. Something that they like and have been practising specially for their wedding. It’s a magnificent and it shows in the photos. It’s a pleasure that they chose me as their wedding photographer since the result is really satisfying.


Dress: Inca dress by Grace Loves Lace

MUA: simply flawless by Rosa
Hair: Bianca Schenk
Flower: Magnolia Flowers, South Hobart
Flower crown: Magnolia Flowers, South Hobart
Groom’s suit: George & King
Celebrant: Tom Payne
Cake: Sweet Envy

MUA simply flawless by Rosa


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