South Morang Wedding: Amy & Tim

South Morang Wedding

Welcome to our blog, where we take immense pride in capturing the most precious moments of your special day. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the picturesque wedding of Amy and Tim. It was set amidst the rustic charm of Farm Vigano in Melbourne Northern Suburb, South Morang. With an outdoor ceremony surrounded by breathtaking bushland, followed by delightful festivities and stunning photography locations, their South Morang wedding truly exemplified romance and elegance.

Marriage Ceremony

Coupled with a sense of anticipation, Amy entered the ceremony gracefully. Her parents escorted her, radiating pride and joy in every step they took together. Subsequently, Amy and Tim shared their heartfelt vows in an enchanting indoor ceremony at Farm Vigano. Overlooking the lush garden adorned with vibrant bushland, the atmosphere certainly exuded pure magic. The couple embarked into their journey of love while surrounded by loved one.

With the stunning Farm Vigano in South Morang as the backdrop, everyone gathered at the grand stairs for an unforgettable group photo. The majestic setting perfectly showcased the joyful gathering, unquestionably capturing the essence of the day in a single frame. Laughter and love echoed through the air as friends and family united, therefore forever immortalizing this momentous occasion.

Bridal Portrait

For Amy and Tim bridal portrait, undeniably the orchard at Farm Vigano provided a stunning setting. Against the backdrop of blossoming trees and greeneries, surely our lenses captured the radiant beauty of the bride and groom. Without a doubt, creating a timeless keepsake that Amy and Tim will cherish for years to come.

Amy’s bouquet composed of native Australian flowers in Burgundy, white, and green hues. Thus, added a touch of indigenous charm to her elegant attire. The stunning blend of colors beautifully complemented Amy’s bridal radiance. Moreover, reflecting her connection to the Australian landscape and embracing the spirit of her South Morang wedding.

South Morang Wedding Reception

The Italian wedding at Farm Vigano South Morang becomes a truly memorable occasion due to its heartwarming traditions. Firstly, heartfelt speeches are shared before the couple takes to the dance floor for their first dance. They are certainly filled with love, laughter, and well wishes for the newlyweds. Following the speeches, the moment arrives for the cake cutting ceremony. Essentially, the couple symbolically begins their journey together by slicing into a beautifully adorned wedding cake. Afterwards, the atmosphere brims with excitement as guests gather around. They hold colorful streamers to wrap the couple while dancing and definitely add a vibrant touch to the dance floor. These cherished traditions blend love, joy, and togetherness. Thus, making the Italian wedding reception at Farm Vigano an extraordinary celebration of unity and happiness.


This South Morang wedding at Farm Vigano was a dream come true. Let Melbourne Wedding Photographer, Widfotografia Photography, be your trusted partner in immortalizing your cherished moments, where we ensure your wedding memories last a lifetime.

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