Wedding Photography, the Dos and Don’ts

Before The Day


Do select your photographer based on their style. Ask us for a test shot or consider engagement / prewedding photoshoot, so you get the idea of how it would work on the day and get familiar in front of our cameras.

Do reserve your photographer months before wedding. Let us know which photos you’d like to have and which ones can live without. Do tell us if you have sentimental objects or special people that we need to pay attention of.

Do make sure you have sent all info, including the running sheet to your photographer.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions/issues regarding wedding (anything, not just photography)

Don’t forget to send back our questionnaire. This document would help us capture your day flawlessly.


Getting Ready


Do clean and tidy your getting ready room. If it’s in a hotel, make at least one corner available for photo.

Do select the brightest part of your house/room for photo

Do plan your getting ready by schedule what’s happening in details in your run sheet.

Do relax from the beginning of your day. Assign your bestman/maid of honour to look after you and do time keeping for the day.

Dont get ready far from your ceremony venue. This is to reduce the unnecessary time to transport and so you get more photos.

Don’t rush anything, again, plan everything in details and follow your plan. Give us enough time to capture your day.

Don’t wear glossy and glitter makeup.




Do schedule your ceremony when the sun is not directly above us. Alternatively Do your ceremony under a shade (tree/pergola etc.). We love plenty of lights but lighting during midday is sometimes too harsh.

Do choose ceremony venue/area/spot with the brightest lighting option for indoor ceremony

Do everything slowly

Do walk in/out the aisle slowly.

Do exchange rings slowly. This is to make sure we capture the moments.

Do make sure there’s no wrinkles on your veil, if you’re wearing one

Do focus on each other, make lots of eye contact.

Do assign someone to gather everyone for big group photo

Don’t look down during ceremony and walking in the aisle. It’s one of your happiest day in your life, you should chin up, smile or laugh. If you have to happy cry, please do so without looking down.

Don’t focus too much on the celebrant if he/she stands behind you. We need to see your face.

Don’t first kiss too quick. It’s your first kiss as a husband and wife, you should enjoy the moment. I do sometimes ask my couple to do another kiss and photograph the moment from different angle (with your guests as a background).

Don’t walk in the aisle in a big group when making entrance, unless you need to do that way. This is because we need some gap/distance to photograph each of the person/pairs walking in the aisle.




Do make sure your photographer have the rundown for the reception.

Do consider table visits during your reception, not only it shows appreciation and respect, but also great opportunity for photo with guests.

Do let us know where you are mostly facing during your bridal waltz/ first dance. Consider having some spinning and turning, it’s best for us to stay in several spots rather than chasing your face and circling you.

Don’t forget that your suppliers, including your photographer need some food and drinks. Organise this with your venue before your wedding day.


The above list is just some suggestion, as a Melbourne Wedding Photographer, we understand that every couple is different and every wedding is unique. What most important is that you are relaxed and feel awesome on the day, because it shows in the photos.

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