Rocklea Farm Wedding Photography: Keili & Ash

Welcome to Widfotografia Photography’s blog, where we are thrilled to share the enchanting wedding story of Keili and Ash at Rocklea Farm in Stonehaven. As the chosen Rocklea Farm Wedding Photography, certainly we had the privilege of capturing their special day. The wedding exuded a perfect blend of love, laughter, and beautiful memories.

Bride and groom kissing for Rocklea Farm wedding.

Rocklea Farm Outdoor Ceremony

Keili and Ash’s love story started in 2012 as they crossed paths at a cozy county pub in Echuca. As their wedding day unfolded, we had the honor of witnessing their heartfelt vows. Held under the open sky in a charming marquee at Rocklea Farm, the ceremony indeed radiated beauty. Undeniably, the picturesque surroundings flawlessly harmonized with their remarkable journey of love.

A Magical Sunset Photography

As the golden hour approached, before the reception, we whisked Keili and Ash away for a breathtaking sunset photoshoot. The radiant hues painted the sky, thus casting a romantic glow on the couple as we expertly captured their joy and intimacy. Each click of the camera immortalized their love in timeless frames, therefore showcasing the natural beauty of Rocklea Farm.

Rocklea Farm Outdoor Reception

Afterwards, the celebrations continued with an unforgettable outdoor reception at Rocklea Farm. Keili and Ash celebrated their union in the midst of nature’s beauty, whilst surrounded by friends and family. Heartfelt speeches, laughter, and the joyous atmosphere certainly created memories that will forever hold a special place in their hearts. Overall, our Rocklea Farm wedding photography perfectly captured the essence of this remarkable day.

The Wonderful Team Behind the Scenes

Firstly, Keili’s bridal look was brought to life by the talented team at Glamourize Beauty, which experts in hair and makeup. Debs Floral Perfection added an elegant touch with their floral arrangements, essentially enhancing the overall beauty of Rocklea Farm. The delectable wedding cake from Flour and Eden served as a delightful centerpiece, while Jermaine Clark officiated the ceremony with grace and charisma. Starlight DC and Georgia Byrne provided musical entertainment, certainly setting the mood for an unforgettable celebration. Finally, to make their grand entrance, Keili and Ash chose Mustang Co. Undoubtedly the classic car added a touch of luxury to their special day. Altogether, all the vendors created a perfect wedding day.

Rocklea Farm Wedding Photography

Keili and Ash’s Rocklea Farm wedding was a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. As Rocklea Farm Wedding Photographers, we were honored to capture the raw emotions, stolen glances, and joy that overflowed throughout their celebration. To ensure your own wedding is beautifully documented, trust Rocklea Farm Wedding Photography by Widfotografia Photography.

Are you planning your dream wedding? Let Rocklea Farm Wedding Photography by Widfotografia Photography turn your precious moments into timeless treasures. Contact us today to discuss how we can capture your unique love story in stunning detail, just as we did for Keili and Ash.

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